Other realizations

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Interior of family house Dúbravka

In a single family home in Dúbravka, we produced and installed interior doors, a staircase with a railing, a living room set, bathroom furniture, a bookcase, a wardrobe, chests of drawers and furnishings in the hallway. We used mainly Merbau solid wood (staircase), stained oak veneer and white acrylic. The implementation also included the installation of windows and a lift-sliding door.

For the client, we produced and assembled custom-made carpentry pieces. Instead of steep stairs, we created a more comfortable solution using the so-called miller staircase. One of the structural elements, and also part of the staircase railing, was the bookcase.

Interesting parts of this implementation were a massive, partially self-supporting oak staircase with a glass railing and a pantry door integrated in the cladding with veneer fittings. The space under the staircase was filled by a discreetly hidden wine cellar.

Interior of family house Jasenica

According to the design, we produced and implemented the installation of custom-made interior carpentry pieces and an exterior kitchen made of laminated waterproof plywood. A practical detail – massive folding hooks inserted into the grid, functionally complemented the aesthetics of the hallway. By installing the staircase on a self-supporting structure with open treads (in accordance with the architect´s original design), we saved the client costs. The original steel structure was unnecessary.

For a client in Prečín, we produced and installed a kitchen with several interesting pieces. An example is a trough for oils and kitchen tools, integrated into the countertop and the backlight for the countertop in the window slat lining.

In a single family home in Považská Bystrica, we designed, produced and installed TV furniture with specific requirements. Part of the implementation was the integration of a slim TV with a ventilated slot and the creation of space for various types of electrical sockets. The entire TV block was effectively complemented by 4 different Multiwhite LED light circuits, which can be controlled by a smartphone.

Family house Trenčín

We incorporated several interesting pieces into the interior of a single family home in Trenčín. LED lighting of the wardrobe, guitar cabinet and showcases, sliding frame mirror in the hallway or record player cabinet with effective arched doors. The biggest challenge was the 13 reverse doors integrated in the cladding. In order to harmonize them with the surrounding cladding and at the same time to make them fit neatly, we used 4 atypical constructions. In some cases, we sanded the door frames on site so that they fit perfectly with the ceramic tiles.

Law office in Trenčín MUDRY & MINÁRIKOVÁ

We produced and installed desks, cabinets, flower pots and wall grids for the interior of a law firm. A unusual solution was the use of slatted grid as radiator covers. We inserted aluminum L profiles into atypical MDF board legs. In order to be able to adjust the heating, we produced removable top parts of the cover.