Interior doors

In order for the interior doors to exactly meet the customer’s requirements and add to the overall interior style, custom-made doors are the ideal solution. At Brzý furniture, we produce many types of interior doors with frames. We adapt their dimensions to the specific implementation and, in addition to production, we also ensure their professional assembly.

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Interior door materials

We manufacture interior doors from various types of material according to customer requirements. The choice of material can be adapted to already existing interior furniture or coordinated with future furnishings and furniture. We offer high-quality beech, oak, spruce, american walnut, bamboo and other kinds of solid woods. Interior doors made of natural veneer or fully painted doors in a single color are popular. From the point of view of material, the range of interior doors is complemented by design-variable HPL laminate and laminate.

Interior door surface

We finish the interior doors using polyurethane and water-based varnishes, natural or hard wax oils. Another option is stains (solvent or water-based), which we spray to the door surface. We can also create a patina design or an attractive brushed look.

Interior door construction

We produce and install interior doors and door frames in single-wing, double-wing or multi-wing designs. In addition to the classic half-groove design, we often realize groove-less or reverse doors, popular sliding, folding and all-glazed doors. Customers can also choose stylish door fitted with cladding. The interior doors are installed based on hidden or exposed hinges and supplemented with silicone seals. When producing interior doors from natural veneer, we mainly focus on coreboards made of spruce lath, PIR, MDF boards or honeycomb.

Solid wood interior doors

Veneered interior doors

Laminate interior doors

Folding doors

All-glazed doors

Casette doors

Exterior doors

Exterior door is the first thing you notice at any building. It has a functional, protective and also a design function. Exterior door made in Brzý furniture combine all the prerequisites that are placed on this architectural element.

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Exterior door materials

The exterior entrance door to a house or apartment can be made of different types of materials. The most common requirement is a combination of durability, functionality and also longevity. At Brzý furniture, we mainly use veneered insulation sandwiches, solid wood and veneer. Wooden exterior door made of solid wood are made from oak, spruce, pine, red spruce, meranti and other kinds of wood. Veneered doors offer a wide selection of natural veneer, applied on water-resistant plywood.

Exterior door surface

Finally, the entrance door undergoes a surface treatment that complements its final appearance, emphasizes the grain of the wood and increases its durability. When processing the surface of external doors, we mainly use thin-layer and thick-layer sprayed glazes, polyurethane and water-based varnishes, as well as natural and hard wax oils. Wooden exterior doors are often treated with solvent and water stains, applied by spraying. Patina and a brushed look can add the final touch to the entire design.

Exterior door construction

We produce external doors from Europrisms with thickness of 68, 78, 92 or according to atypical requirements. In addition to the classic single-leaf construction, we also implement double-wing exterior doors and doors with side skylights. The entrance door functions, such as heat resistance and noise reduction, are solved by smooth fillings supplemented with a polyurethane foam thermal insert, thermal thresholds to break the thermal bridge, with the option of noise reduction. In the case of glass exterior doors, we use double-pane and triple-pane insulation glazing. As standard, we instal the outer door seal in two levels.

Exterior doors with frame

Modern exterior doors

Wooden exterior doors

We produce custom-made interior and exterior doors

We produce custom-made interior and exterior doors according to customer requirements. We use high-quality and sustainable materials, which we process with precision down to the smallest detail. Choose from different types of constructions, materials and surface treatments. You can also contact us directly with your idea.