Our story


Our story


We write our story with our own hands

From a garage to a self-built workshop. This is the path that has shaped Brzý furniture. There are moments in the history of our company, which, together with our vision, create its unique story. Thanks to the values ​​that complement our craftsmanship, we are passionate about creating sustainable furniture and furnishings. Innovative, aesthetic and useful at the same time.

Founding of the carpentry and production of own machines

The founder, Jozef Brzý, a mechanical engineer at the Považské Strojárne mechanical plant, designs and constructs his own carpentry machines and mechanisms in his free time. In 2001, he quits his stable job, becomes a freelancer and, together with his colleague, founds a carpentry.

Production of construction carpentry elements

In the period from 2003 to 2014, the production is mainly focused on stairs, doors, solid wood windows and other building construction elements. For Brzý furniture, the rented premises of a former cow shed in Dolný Moštenec became too restrictive for its team of five workers and one manager. More demanding machinery and new technologies like spray coating led to the need for more suitable premises.

Building our own premises and showroom

The solution to the inadequate premises is the construction of our own, including a showroom. We built it ourselves over the course of 3 years. All this in addition to constant operation and order fulfillment. That is how, thanks to the skill of our workers, a new headquarters was built in Kúnovec near Považská Bystrica, where we are still located today.

Offering comprehensive services

Since 2014, after moving production to our own workshop, the number of our products and services on offer has increased. With 6 workers and 2 managers, Brzý furniture today focuses on complex atypical carpentry services on a project basis. We also cooperate with architects and designers.. Our services and production are in demand by customers looking for a reliable partner for the implementation of commercial and residential projects throughout the European Union.

Our projects

Residential projects

Our goal is to improve the space, in which you spend your most precious moments every day. We would love to hear your ideas about your dream home. With experience and passion for our craft, we can make them a reality. A reality that will create the right atmosphere in your home.

Commercial projects

Individual businesses require individual solutions. Leave furniture and furniture sets for offices, stores, showrooms or exhibition stalls to us. We create a pleasant working environment that is also representative with an emphasis on efficiency, modern design and innovation.

Furniture and solitaires

Choose from unique designer pieces from our workshop. A feeling for design and craftsmanship is the way to infuse your interiors with uniqueness. Are your interiors missing something? An original piece of furniture from us can be the missing piece of the puzzle you are looking for.