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Our vision


We work with quality materials

The choice of materials is crucial, if the furniture is to withstand everyday use and keep its timeless design. We select materials that exactly meet our clients´ needs, based on the concepts of sustainability and SLOW FURNITURE.


Durable and long-lasting furniture pieces, made of timeless materials, form the basis of our work. We focus on sustainable materials that are able to keep their attractive appearance even after a long time, in order to meet our clients´ expectations. At Brzý furniture, we process solid wood, veneer, melamine and laminate. We also work with metals such as steel and aluminum. Many projects also include upholstery using high-quality textiles. In cooperation with our partners, we complement our products with glass, natural and synthetic stones, ceramic materials and specific plastics.


We produce and process the materials using artisan carpentry. We prefer manual fine-tuning of details and processing using traditional techniques that have been used to produce valuable furniture and furniture sets for centuries. With the help of a pressurized spray booth, we can professionally and comprehensively modify the surfaces of various materials. Part of the final treatment are polyurethane and water-based paints, stains and varnishes, or thick-layer high-pressure glazes. In order to ensure long life and durability of solid wood or veneer, we coat them with natural waxes or oils.

Our projects

Residential projects

Our goal is to improve the space, in which you spend your most precious moments every day. We would love to hear your ideas about your dream home. With experience and passion for our craft, we can make them a reality. A reality that will create the right atmosphere in your home.

Commercial projects

Individual businesses require individual solutions. Leave furniture and furniture sets for offices, stores, showrooms or exhibition stalls to us. We create a pleasant working environment that is also representative with an emphasis on efficiency, modern design and innovation.

Furniture and solitaires

Choose from unique designer pieces from our workshop. A feeling for design and craftsmanship is the way to infuse your interiors with uniqueness. Are your interiors missing something? An original piece of furniture from us can be the missing piece of the puzzle you are looking for.