Our workflow


Our workflow


We understand your needs and ideas

We will gladly help you transform them into unique custom-made furniture and furniture sets.


We get acquainted with your requirements

We will ask about all the details. Whether you have a finished project from a designer/architect, or just your dream, we will gladly help you make it a reality.


We agree on the method of financing

Our transparent price offer will also include alternative designs. If we reach an agreement, we will fine-tune the process and deadlines that you can rely on. Just as on our values.


We draw up a project

Based on the study/design from the architect or us, we take measurements on site and create a detailed production drawings, together with additional visualizations.


We select the materials and fine-tune the design

You can choose from a wide range of high-quality and premium materials. With our extensive design catalog, we complete the proposal to the last dot.


We produce custom-made furniture sets

Using our craftsmanship, we produce your unique furniture sets. You can come and see the process for yourself, any time during production. Precise manual work and attention to the smallest detail are what sets us apart from the competition.


We assemble everything to the last screw

On the agreed date, you receive your new interior and we take care of delivery, professional assembly and commissioning.


We are here for you

We stand behind our work. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be able to contact us even years from now. We can help you with service, maintenance or implementing a new idea.

Our projects

Residential projects

Our goal is to improve the space, in which you spend your most precious moments every day. We would love to hear your ideas about your dream home. With experience and passion for our craft, we can make them a reality. A reality that will create the right atmosphere in your home.

Commercial projects

Individual businesses require individual solutions. Leave furniture and furniture sets for offices, stores, showrooms or exhibition stalls to us. We create a pleasant working environment that is also representative with an emphasis on efficiency, modern design and innovation.

Furniture and solitaires

Choose from unique designer pieces from our workshop. A feeling for design and craftsmanship is the way to infuse your interiors with uniqueness. Are your interiors missing something? An original piece of furniture from us can be the missing piece of the puzzle you are looking for.