Ktchen in the attic

Design and implementation of a kitchen in the attic

The kitchen in a duplex apartment in the Old Town (Bratislava) was a challenge from several points of view. Since it was a matter of filling an already existing and slanted space, it was necessary to follow predetermined parameters. In addition, the design of the kitchen required work with more complex and demanding details with a specific final treatment. The project included a kitchen with a showcase, a bookcase and also a staircase.

Door surface treatment

The client chose colored, profiled doors. For greater durability, we have designed a surface treatment with a topcoat resistant to scratches and fingerprints in a super matte finish. We carried out the complete spraying in five layers directly in our workshop in our professional spray booth. We also provided the client with a special sponge to care for such surfaces.

"We applied 4 layers of paint and a layer of varnish in a super-matte finish to the door.”

We found a way to connect the countertop and screen

The sloping space and the design variety of the kitchen parts required several compositional adjustments. The result was different types of frames, which we harmonized with the overall design.

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We solved the attachment of the ceramic tile screen to the Okite stone slab with a fabion (raised back edge of the slab) by laying the ceramic tile flush with it. Thus, an elegant and clean connection was created without the need to use silicone. The joint of the countertop and the screen (corner) will be easy to maintain even during everyday activities in the kitchen.

"We connected the ceramic tile screen to the countertop using a fabion.”

Okite synthetic stone 20 mm 1665 Bianco Assoluto, Lamino K5896 AN Oak Elegant, Blum Movento, foiled HDF 18mm, sprayed 4x, topcoat S-MAT, Oak veneer coreboard 19 mm, Adler PUR Strong PU varnish

Proposal and project: Brzý furniture 2022

Photography: Dária Knížatová and Dalibor Indra 2022