Kitchen Šebeštanova

We designed, produced and assembled a custom-made kitchen

In the new single family home in Šebešťanová, we carried out a complete implementation of the kitchen – from design to final assembly. For the kitchen, we designed a combination of gray-green laminate and oak wood decor. The functionality and durability of the kitchen is embodied by the Okite stone used on the kitchen island, which matches the shade of the fronts.

Clever solution to the sink drain location

If something is customary, it does not mean that it is also the best solution. Through years of kitchen implementations, we have acquired experience that our clients appreciate right from the first days of using the new kitchen. In this implementation as well, we focused on a thoughtful placement of the sink drain, which we did not place directly under the sink. Thanks to this, during normal use of the sink, there are no situations when it is not possible to use the bins for sorted waste and vice versa.

"We are not afraid of technically demanding solutions, especially if they combine design and purpose.”


Focus on durable aluminum edges and handles

To ensure durable implementations, we use materials that are able to withstand everyday use in the long term. That is why we have yet again chosen aluminum handles inserted into the upper edge of the fronts.

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In order for the handles to blend in perfectly with the surrounding gray-green laminate, we sprayed them with paint in the same shade. Thanks to aluminum, even the most exposed edge becomes extremely durable and at the same time optically hidden. Since we care about details, we also designed the refrigerator door in the same way. Although this design was technically demanding, the result is a practical design handle that matches the height of the built-in oven.

"We care about functionality. Even the sink drain can be placed more efficiently than usual.”


An alternative solution made it possible to use the kitchen sooner

We created the kitchen countertop from a combination of two different materials. While the durable Okite synthetic stone played the main role on the kitchen island, we used a laminate countertop with wood decor in the cooking area.

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An unexpected complication, long waiting time for the stone countertop, was solved in a way that allowed the client to use the kitchen at the moment of moving in. We temporarily replaced it with a laminate countertop and installed the stone one in the second stage of assembly.

Okite synthetic stone 20 mm 1932 Grigio Bardiglio, door - Lamino K097 SU Dusk Blue, 35252 AT Oak Chalet, Blum Legrabox, Opticlear RAL9003 screen

Proposal and project: Brzý furniture 2021

Photography: Dária Knížatová and Dalibor Indra 2022