Office spaces CB Agency

Designing and implementing office spaces

CB Agency, a recruitment agency, contacted us with a request to implement new offices. The design of the premises preceded the implementation. We gave their new offices in Považská Bystrica a fresh and modern look.

Three different use cases in one space

The CB Agency office space was designed to effectively combine various functions within an open workplace. The first one was the office part with three workplaces. The second one was the meeting room intended for team meetings and presentations, and finally, an employee relaxation area with a kitchen. Our main goal was to harmoniously divide the individual parts of the office, while maintaining the advantages of open space, which support communication and cooperation between employees.

"A part of the office space was, somewhat unconventionally, turned into a children´s area.”

Partitioning the office space with screens

We chose large, semi-transparent screens as an ideal solution for separating three different functions of a single open space. To do this, Bencore Lightben Kaos 3D™ polycarbonate sandwich panels were used and supplemented with abstract graphics. In order to ensure the strength and durability of the screens and at the same time not to cancel their airy look, we used an aluminum structure to install them.

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Profil, nastriekaný bielou farbou, sme vo vrchnej časti uchytili do stropu. V spodnej časti sme celú konštrukciu “upevnili” troma atypickými nohami. Tie sme pre väčšiu stabilitu pevne zafixovali prilepením o zem.

"The key was to come up with an aesthetic and functional placement and fastening of the screens.”

Using modules, we created a children's area

The second specific feature of the entire office implementation was the creation of a space where even the smallest children would have their own “corner”. This space will be fully utilized by the employees’ children, who sometimes have to wait for their parents until they finish their work. We turned one of the three parts of the office space into a children’s area and supplemented it with four relaxation modules with carpeted surfaces.

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Ich variabilné rozloženie ponúka možnosť stráviť čas čakaním na rodičov nadmieru kreatívne. Každý jeden z modulov je mäkký, no pevný zároveň. Tvorí ich  rebrovaná konštrukcia z preglejky, na ktorú sme ukotvili koberec nalepený na HDF doske.

"We solved the sturdiness of the modules in the rest area with a plywood structure and a carpet that is soft to the touch and pleasant to look at.”

Creating a multi-use workplace

The implementation of the CB Agency office premises brought together various elements of modern workplaces (kitchen, meeting room, children’s area). Thanks to the screens, we managed to separate the large open space aesthetically and functionally and create a specific area in each part.

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Špecifický priestor pre deti pozostáva z modulov s tvarovou interpretáciou “flying carpet” od Nanimarquina.Celú realizáciu sme doplnili o tapetu s abstraktnými portrétmi ľudí (autor kresieb: Bruno Munari, Design as art) ktorá umocňuje atmosféru personálnej agentúry.

Technical information

Považská Bystrica
Bencore Lightben Kaos 3D™ polycarbonate sandwich, plywood, carpets, white, gray and wood-decorated laminate

Dizajn: Matej Brzý, Dizajn asistencia: Lucia Krivá 2017

Photography: Dária Knížatová and Dalibor Indra 2022