Showroom Gastrovia

Designing and producing training center furniture

Gastrovia Group (supplier of coffee, tea and other beverages) approached us with a unique request – to design and implement the furniture for a barista training area. In addition to the exhibition and functional nature of the showroom, the client wanted to use individual parts of the furniture for occasional exhibitions outside the center.

Deciding for mobile modular furniture

It was clear from the client’s request that modular furniture is the ideal solution for furnishing the training center. Its advantage is universality and variability. The client can set it up for different types of events and, since it is mobile, also at different venues. This resulted in producing representative and functional furniture for the Gastrovia training center´s showroom, as well as easily portable furniture that the client can utilize in an exhibition stall or other event outside the center.

"Furniture on wheels is a way to easily move the showroom anywhere in the world.”

Creating a variable and portable solution

Mobility and the ability to be disassembled are the main characteristics we paid attention to during the design and implementation of Gastrovia´s showroom furniture. Furniture is a key element in showrooms, which serve as a meeting and training place for talented baristas. In order to do that, it was necessary to create a workspace with coffee machines. This is how a set of four demountable kitchen modules on wheels was created. The modules serve as a kitchen for training baristas in the showroom. After being moved and rearranged at an exhibition, they can serve as a presentation counter.

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The second important part of the room is the presentation wall. It consists of L-shaped modules made of gray MDF board. We added stylish perforation to the modules, which also serves for variable oak shelves attachment. For storage, we have created closed cabinets that can be variably moved on top of each other or next to each other. This ingenious presentation system can also be used at exhibitions. It helps Gastrovia to present products even in combination with illuminated banners.

"We combined the furniture´s functionality with the ability to present.”

We have harmoniously supplemented the entire concept of the furniture with a central table and bar stools for a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Creating a variable and portable solution

Thanks to the modular solution of the showroom furniture, the client can adapt the appearance of the room according to the needs of the event. Quality materials and honest craftsmanship with attention to detail are a guarantee that the furniture can withstand repeated rebuilding and moving.

"Single furniture set, but a whole range of possibilities for assembling it.”

Považská Bystrica
Set of kitchen modules on wheels, presentation panels with cabinets and shelves, tables, chairs and shelves
Solid oak, veneer surface PUR Strong Adler, steel powder color RAL 7021, laminate worktops, Optiboard 27018, Colored MDF 19mm SCZ Gray Valchromat surface OPNI 217.30.00

Dizajn: Matej Brzý, Dizajn asistencia: Lucia Krivá

Fotografie: Dária Knížatová a Dalibor Indra 2022, GASTROVIA group s.r.o.