Rawita restaurant

Designing the interior

We left a significant mark in the Rawita restaurant in Púchov. In addition to the production of furniture for the Marmel company, we designed and finally touched up the complete interior of a new raw food restaurant.

From the floor through the showcases to the lamps

The client contacted us with a request to design and produce all of the furniture for a new specialized restaurant. We designed separate furniture sets (bar and kitchen furniture, showcase for displaying products, etc.) for the three distinctive parts – bar, dining area and exhibition area. The client had special requirements for the modular bar seating, which, if necessary, should be used also for workshops and similar events. The icing on the cake for this restaurant was the design of a mural.

"We supplemented the implementation with a mural design that highlights the restaurant's uniqueness.”

We used materials that reflect the company's philosophy

When choosing specific materials for the implementation of the furniture sets and details, we focused on those that reflect Rawita´s concept. The entire project focused on the ideas of honesty, freshness, naturalness, truth and quality. The selection fell on bamboo veneer, maple and birch. In the end, we chose light bamboo veneer for its fresh appearance.

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The challenge was the swing door, right in the middle of the back wall of the restaurant´s bar section. In order to preserve their functionality and at the same time not impact the design of the mural, we were looking for a solution to subtly hide them. We finally cracked this nut by using white wall paint directly on the door. After painting the mural, we covered the grip edges of the door with a transparent washable foil so that the flying door remains functional and hidden at the same time.

"We created a holistic design, which also included a practical swing door.”

We stayed within the client's budget

Each implementation has its budget. An important aspect was the use of all raw materials, so as to create as little waste as possible. We proceeded in the spirit of this idea already when designing the individual parts of the furniture sets. All pieces were designed and implemented with practicality in mind. An example of this are bar counters, which we later converted into bar tables, using the original material.

"Even the original material can be used for the production of new furniture.”

Bamboo natural light veneer with PU lacquer, glass, MDF Black Innovus surface HWS Remmers, gray laminate, Blum Antaro

Project: Matej Brzý

Photography: Tomáš Krivý